Yaffa’s concerts have been received with appreciation and enthusiasm across the country.  Creating an intimate atmosphere of pure devotion, her gift of song unites, inspires and awakens audiences to embrace and celebrate the divine love they are.

Embrace the Spirit of Music beyond the mind ~ Surrender ~ Enter the Temple of your Heart.

I believe that true healing begins in quieting the mind. Drink deeply of this uplifting music and allow your heart to open. Let your mind go, releasing routine thoughts, stress or anxiety. Enter the inner temple of remarkable beauty and stillness within. As the mind acquires peace with itself, it provides fertile ground for all other healing to occur. Sharing devotional heart-opening music is one of the greatest joys in my life. I invite you to surrender to this experience and join me in sacred song.

“Yaffa’s music carries a pure vibrational energy, which naturally  and spontaneously brings about self-healing and healing with others. When I sing with Yaffa as she facilitates intentional Heartsong Circles, I tap into an inner sense of joy, hope and love.”  Tracy Williams, Tucson AZ

“Yaffa’s music uplifts my spirit and helps me to remember who I truly am.” Lark Lovejoy, MS, NCC Ashland OR

“Yaffa’s devotional music leaves you with feelings of balance, grace and thankfulness that lift your spirit.” Teya Jacobi, Applegate OR

“Each year we are extremely blessed when Yaffa comes to Maui. She shares her beautiul heart, healing messages and wonderful music with Ocean Song Ministries on our Sacred Sailing Journeys. Yaffa is known for her ability to awaken and open hearts through her powerful gift of song. She is the record keeper of heartsongs and it is always an honor to have her with us!” Christina Coffman, Maui, Hawaii

“I always love the level of heart connection Yaffa expresses through her music. It leaves me feeling more hopeful, loving and lighter. Sacred song circles have become a deep part of my life because of the connection to spirit that Yaffa’s music reminds me that I have.” William Carroll, Psychologist, Los Altos Hills CA

“Experience the radiance and joy of Yaffa’s heartsongs and devotional spirit.” Lisa Parvati, Founder Living Earth Circle

“Yaffa’s music is like a river entering the sea; Timeless and Tantric”  J Ocean, Ashland OR

“Yaffa’s heartsongs take the listener on a magical journey back to the reality that we are one!  To listen to and sing along with Yaffa opens my heart into Love!!!”  Dagny Duhamel, Voorheesville, NY