My mission at Sacred Touch is to provide caring, meaningful ceremonies with unique personal touches, ensuring memorable occasions that last a lifetime.

Throughout human history, people have gathered  in sacred ceremony. By acknowledging and activating profound life transitions and milestones we honor the natural rhythm of life. In ceremony, we celebrate life’s changes and choices, giving us the opportunity and ability to move forward and flourish with ease and grace.

Births, rites of passage, weddings, memorials, beginnings and endings to aspects of our life story deserve to be honored. Ritual is a way we can embrace these significant changes in our lives. Sacred Touch Foundation invites you to embrace the radiant beauty ceremony can offer.


Yaffa attentively crafts customized ceremonies designed to meet your specific needs and beliefs. She offers a grounded, yet uplifting energy to create the perfect ceremony for all occasions. Her gift of devotional song will enhance your ceremony, inspire the heart and fill the soul. The depth and diversity of her spiritual approach brings a fulfilling feeling of grace to all. Honoring all traditions and all beings, she brings joy and celebration of the divine into your personalized  ceremony.

With the loving presence of family and friends and the skilled facilitation of an experienced ceremonial leader like Yaffa, your ceremony becomes a blessed gateway to a new journey of your life!

Yaffa Rosenthal, Universal Life Minister