Deep Tissue Massage

Concentrating on specific areas of chronic muscle tension, this massage effectively provides deep pain relief and greater flexibility. Increasing circulation will revitalize the tissues, as layers of physical and energetic tension soften. Meeting your individual needs, this sessions includes some of the following techniques: trigger point therapy, myofacial release, accupressure, elbow work, range of motion, table stretches and more. Enjoy this wonderful sense of renewal as physical, mental and emotional stress melt away.

Asian Massage

Combining Thai massage and Shiatsu this treatment is generally done on a futon wearing loose clothing. Thai stretches increase your flexibility while accupressure effectively releases deep muscle tension. Shiatsu is rooted in ancient Chinese theory. It’s literal translation in Japanese means finger pressure. Pressure points follow along energy pathways called meridians. These meridians correspond to our internal organs, emotional, psychological and spiritual states of being. Relax into balance and tranquility.

Swedish Massage

This supportive treatment gives full body/mind relaxation. Swedish massage utilizes a variety of strokes which are both calming and stimulating to the nervous system. Enhancing the flow with craniosacral and deep tissue techniques, this session alleviates muscle tension, reduces stress and provides a sense of wholeness and well-being.

Zen Treatment

A spiritually penetrating experience, the Zen treatment gently eases and nurtures you into complete relaxation. From this stillness your body’s own ability to heal awakens. This session includes a magical blend of shiatsu, craniosacral, rocking, energy balancing and alignment techniques. Relax your body, still your mind, and open your heart.